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Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 at 10:15 pm. About Golf. RSS feed for comments on this post. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Perfect practice makes perfect

Design your practice to get results, the results you want. This year practice the right way.

1. Practice with a specific purpose in mind and commit to that purpose. For example:

a) Focusing on a particular swing change (eg. position at the top of the backswing).

b) Grooving what you’ve got and focusing on Tempo, Timing, and Balance.

KEY POINT: You shouldn’t try to do both at the same time. One or the other.

KEY POINT: Focus on Tempo, Timing, anf Balance prior to any competitive situation you care about. Do not focus on mechanics at this time. Such could negatively impact rhythm and your performance in a big way.

KEY POINT: PGA Pros claim it takes 20 to 30 practice sessions to groove a swing change to the point where it will not disappear under pressure. If you can’t afford that kind of time during your competitive season then it’s best to save the changes for the off season. Work on reinforcing the tempo, timing, and balance.

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"Sports performance is 60% physical and 90% mental." -Yogi Berra
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